WORKSHOP - 05.11.2019 TO 26.11.2019

Create Playdate | ART EDITION

Young creatives are invited to a 4 week art program with Elisa! Each week will be a different artistic focus, which will enable kids to learn and practice new art techniques and exposes them to creative ideas beyond the canvas!
05 – 26 NOVEMBER 2019
3:00pm – 4:00pm
Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street Port Hedland
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WEEK 1 | Colour Theory – Mixing Colours

In this lesson we will work with primary colours to create our own painted colour grid. By gradually mixing one colour into another, we will learn exactly how colours interact with each other.

WEEK 2 | Drawing Perspective

In this lesson we learn to draw a room with a single point focus.

WEEK 3 | Site Specific Sculpture

This is a conceptual art class where we move away from the art desk and create a site specific installation. This lesson is designed to challenge and extend spatial awareness.

WEEK 4 | Creative Expression – Your Unique Style

This lesson is about encouraging each child to express in their own unique way. We will work through the process of choosing a subject for the artwork, through to which medium and surface to best express our creativity.