WORKSHOP - 07.03.2020 TO 08.02.2020

3D Modelling + Printing | Maker Bootcamp

Are you ready to be inspired? 3D printing will open your world to rapid prototyping & product testing that will keep you agile in our changing markets. The presentation will be focused on creative art and design while also elaborating on other uses of 3D printing. 

This two-day immersive creative studies program covers all aspects of 3D modelling and printing. The 3D printing process breaks down into 4 key learning areas. 

  1. Going from Idea to 3D model. 

Achieved with either computer aided design programs, using a 3D scanner or downloading a model from and online source for manipulation. 

  1. 3D Model to Slicing Software. 

The process of converting your 3D model created in the above step into an STL format that is widely accepted by most 3D printers. 

  1. Slicing Software to Printing.

Slicing software is a computer program that converts a 3D model to code in order for the printer to create the design. At this stage you will achieve an understanding of the movements to each print layer, what layer height means to your design and how percentage infill works. 

  1. Printing to Post Processing

Once the print and print bed has cooled the part will need to be removed, Supports and rafts used during the printing process will need to be carefully removed. Finishing becomes very important for this part of the process be it sanding or using acetone vapours the process depends on which filament was used and what the intended purpose of the part is.

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Bring their own laptop with free trial of Rhino 3D installed 

Design ideas/sketches for their first 3D model 


Saturday 7 + Sunday 8, March

9am – 4.00pm

Courthouse Gallery + Studio 

16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland