Amy Mukherjee + Susan Roux

Deep Surface is a collaborative exhibition, featuring Pilbara based written and spoken word artist Amy Mukherjee, and Perth based sculptural artist Susan Roux. In dynamic ways, Mukherjee and Roux use the paper surface to deposit tensions, reflections and rhythms of the feminine experience, needling the viewer to face the depths of their own, raw self.   

In this exhibition, Susan Roux’s heavily manipulated sculptural objects, punctured and distressed by the hand of the artist, complements the honest and unadorned written word of Amy Mukherjees intimate inner thoughts. 

Exhibition Opening Friday 31 July, 6-8pm

Artist Talk Saturday 01 August, 11am

Courthouse Gallery+Studio 16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland

Image by Adam McKee.


Amy Mukherjee’s work investigates the thoughts, words and emotions that can preoccupy a mind, and demonstrates the obsessive dissection of identity. The divulgence of personal reflection becomes a way of connecting artist to viewer, and an emotional reaction becomes the joint experience.  Through text, collage and spoken word, themes of love, loss, and the common feminine experience are encapsulated in minimally constructed and conceptually charged works.
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Image by Daniel Grant.


Susan Roux is a South African born West Australian artist. Her work is a critique on and response to cultural and social change regarding gender and body politics. The work often takes specific historical events as her point of departure, conveying burdens and conflicts with precise and economical means. 
The vulnerability of the human body as experienced in specifically the female body yield theme, mark, and visual language. Touch educe the body as tactile territory while mark and stitch make its boundaries. 
Instead of using drawing techniques, she uses unconventional implements such as sewing machine needles with and without thread, tracing wheels and tools used in the sewing industry. Concerned with the materiality of the paper and its potential as object, Roux works with thread, shoe polish, disinfectant and machine oil. 

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