Events+News - 05/02/2021 TO 19/03/2021


Returning for its second year, Radius is the Courthouse Gallery+Studio’s launchpad exhibition program for early-career Pilbara artists. This exhibition plays an integral role in The Junction Co.’s broader Artistic Excellence program designed to create pathways for regional artists to develop their skills as visual practitioners. 

Radius 2.0: From all sides presents eight Pilbara artists working across photography, painting, printmaking and textiles. Through their work, each artist offers a unique perspective on life or landscape while thoughtfully exploring themes of identity, social equality and the environment.

Join special guest, curator Sandra Murray, and emerging Pilbara artists Amy Mukherjee, Anna Spencer, Bobbi Lockyer, Eleanor Lukale, Gloria Ann Lockyer, Jane McGowan, Tina Hall, and Ty Kite on opening night to celebrate this diverse and contemporary exhibition.

Exhibition Opening
Friday 05 February, 2021
From 6pm – 8pm
Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland
Free admission

Curator Talk | Special guest Sandra Murray
Saturday 06 February, 2021
From 11am ONLINE
Click on the link to join, Saturday 6 Feb, 11am
Meeting ID: 839 8037 4013
Passcode: 840647
Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland
Free admission

Amy Mukherjee

Amy Mukherjee’s work investigates the thoughts, words and emotions that can preoccupy a mind, and demonstrates the obsessive dissection of identity. The divulgence of personal reflection becomes a way of connecting artist to viewer, and an emotional reaction becomes the joint experience. Through text, textile, and spoken word, themes of love, loss, cross-cultural identification and the gendered experience are encapsulated in minimally constructed and conceptually charged works.

Amy completed a Bachelor of Fine Art and Visual Culture in 2013 at University of West of England, Bristol, UK. She has lived in the Pilbara since 2014, currently resides Newman, WA.

Anna Spencer

Anna Spencer is an emerging artist currently living in the Pilbara of Western Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts at UNSW and the College of Fine Arts (now UNSW Art and Design) in 2015. Majoring in textiles, her current practice of painting and drawing is heavily influenced by her studies, through which she has developed a keen eye for textures and patterns in her surroundings. Since graduating Anna has explored artistic endeavors in various landscapes across Latin America, Canada and the desert of Australia.

Bobbi Lockyer

Bobbi Lockyer is a Ngarluma, Karriyarra, Yawuru, Nyulnyul woman born and raised in Port Hedland. Bobbi works with a variety of art mediums including traditional painting, digital illustration, graphic design and photography. Bobbi is a mother of four boys and her children are her biggest inspiration and the reason for her strong connection to motherhood. Her strong family connections to land, people and health are embedded in her work. Her connections to culture and family and friends have inspired her to use natural environment to create art in photography and painting. Her maternal grandmothers personal story of her Stolen Generations experience underlies her love for maternal and country and her great grandfather’s story of social activism and fight for country gives her determination and pride. Bobbi is passionate about Birthing on Country and seeks healing of intergenerational trauma as resulted from colonisation.

Eleanor Lukale

Eleanor Lukale is a Freelance Photographer with an eye for bold and colourful abstraction. Growing up in Tasmania with its amazing backdrop and now living in the Pilbara for 10 years, Eleanor’s love for nature photography has grown and she continues to explore the beautiful and ancient landscapes that surround her. 

Eleanor loves to portray contrast in textures, light and colours, that blend to illustrate the amazing and ever-changing unique Pilbara colours. She is interested in presenting the viewer with a different perspective of this magical landscape. 

Eleanor currently lives in Tom Price, WA, where the landscape and people continue to inspire her.

Gloria Ann Lockyer


Gloria Ann Lockyer is a local Karriyarra women born and bred in Hedland. A 52 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 2, wife and local Hedlander. Educated as a Naturopath, Holistic Counsellor, Psychotherapies and a researcher in area of Australia’s traditional herbal medicines and ethnomedicines as well as integrative models of care sexual assault crimes and healing of women. Art is the foundational passion which grounds her to culture as an Aboriginal woman and a living Australian of these ancient lands. Gloria is currently working with the Hedland Well Women’s Centre and is committed to providing art therapy not only for other women who she works with, but for herself. Today this passion and lifelong practice has allowed her to become an accomplished artist in her own right. Holding her first exhibition in June, was invited by the Hedland Well Women’s Centre to launch Women of Colours Exhibit 2020.

Jane McGowan

Jane McGowan is an artist whose work explores themes neo-liberalist concepts and equality. Research and inquiry are at the centre of Jane’ practice, where she follows a thought-forming and editing process. Jane presents her findings to the viewer in minimal yet impactful way. Jane recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Visual Arts at the ARA Institute of Canterbury, NZ which focused on Printing Making and 3D Objects in Space. Fabric and thread have always been a means of expression whether that be designing clothes of stitched art works.


Tina Hall

Tina Hall handcrafts illustrated art prints inspired by the colours and patterns found in natures.
Tina uses relief printing, where multiple individual pieces of lino are carves in detail by hand, inked and meticulously aligned, and individually printed. She also applies cyanotype processing using light-sensitive chemical to develop striking images in cyan-blue. This method is a great way to harness the abundance of sunlight where she lives in Port Hedland, WA. Tina’s work is a unique reflection of the world as she experiences it.

Ty Kite

Ty Kite is a young photographer working to bring a compelling new perspective to traditional portraiture, exploring the intersections of technology, authenticity, and surrealism and how they can frame the ways we see one another. Ty is currently based in Port Hedland and spends his time developing his skills and building his portfolio.