How long will my login be valid?

Your login will remain active after the course finishes which will give you ample time to review and reflect on your learnings. 


How does this page work?  

Content for each module will be uploaded prior to the online session each week. This includes your course materials, facilitator information and zoom link for the week.  

When will the material be available to view?

The downloadable PDF will be uploaded 2 days before the scheduled module session.

The video recording will be uploaded the day after the scheduled module session.

What if I am not available for the live zoom session?  

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto this page so if you have commitments that make it difficult to attend, you can refer to the live zoom session and your course materials which will cover the facilitator’s presentation. 

Still have questions?

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Thank you for signing up to COMPASS – Creative Practitioner Development Short Course.  

This short course will boost your awareness of contemporary themes of practice to pave the way to understanding: What it means to be a regional artist? 

Interact and learn from multiple regional creative practitioners through their experience in navigating challenges. Compass’ modules equip creative practitioners with tools to cultivate professional networks and foster connections to establish your place within your artistic community. To build the pathway to refining your artistic practice, Compass encourages you to rethink creating and responding as a regional artist.

Below, click on the relevant module you have access to, to see the corresponding content. If you need help, please contact