After the Hightide

Artwork description: This landscape painting is a bird’s eye view looking down on a shoreline, very intricate and stylized. At the bottom of the canvas to the centre, orange/red wavy lines moving up to yellow wavy line, indicative of lines used to mimic Sandhill’s and water. At the middle to the top white wavy marks to indicate the flow of water moving in and out from the sandy shoreline, in wavy overlapping line tones of ochre, white, grey when water sinks into the sand, leaving ripples before the water flows away and washes back in.

“When the tides go out, we like going to the beach and go look for cockle shells and crabs when they get stuck in the mud. When you walk along the marsh you’ll see all the lines going here and there. You can see a lovely pattern as far as the eye can see.

– Wendy Warrie

Region: Cheeditha Art Group, Pilbara WA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 90cm (h) x 130cm (w)
Price: $3,000

Wendy Warrie