Amelia Jajko

Minyirr - might and magic trickles

Chasing the warm northern light as it shifts and changes, I often feel a sense of urgency. Knowing it’s fleeting brings a sense of freedom and spontaneity as I seek to communicate my experience of a moment becoming a memory. Minyirr Park holds magic. Originally created for the old people to come, practice, and teach the old ways. As I visit through the seasons, I watch for when the rains arrive, the Gubinge tree fruit, the Hakea flower, and the lizards get fat and slow. Painting En plein air challenges me to look closer; when I do, I feel this magic. This work has been composed referencing smaller paintings made in Minyirr Park throughout the year and documents the changes in the landscape as it shifts through the six Yawuru seasons.

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Region: Broome, WA
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 160cm (h) x 175cm (w) 
Price: $5,800.00