Natalie McCarthy

Fitzroy River Sunset Memory

“This work was created in the studio during a residency at Fremantle Art Centre in January 2021. Based on a small watercolour en plein air painting I had captured at the old river crossing at Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley’s, WA where I work and live. The original painting was intended to capture a moment in time when the light is the most transient. In the studio I wanted to explore the colours and watercolour medium on a larger format. Painted whilst thinking about what happened as the light changed and the colours intensified, the reflection of the riverbanks and light on the water, the space between me and the far distance where the sun disappeared. Simultaneously letting the medium take charge and allow for unexpected moments to find the point where the work felt complete.”

Medium: Watercolour on arches paper
Size: 110cm (h) x 153cm (w)
Region: Kimberley

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