Annette Lormada

Fitzroy River

“Hi my name is Annette Lormada. My bush name is Bingarli. I was born in Fitzroy Crossing Hospital19/1/1963 and speak two languages Walmajarri and Nyikina. I grew up in Fitzroy and started going to Fitzroy Crossing primary school then high School.

After finishing school, I worked as a shop keeper at the UAM mission store living in Junjuwa then I moved to Nookanbah where I worked at the shop in 1990 and a home maker. My Mum and Dad told me stories about the two dogs, that’s why l paint my dreaming. Now I’m on Dialysis but l still know my stories that’s why l paint”

Medium: Acrylic paint on polycarbonate
Size: 60cm (h) x 180cm (w)
Region: Kimberley