Ian Gear

Imagination is the pathway to creativity

Ian Gear is a member of the Port Hedland local community of artists. Ian is redeveloping his style after practicing with charcoal drawings, acrylic and oil landscape paintings he is now in search of deeper meaning and freeing up the restraints.

His journey into portraiture takes on a more abstract and expressive delivery of the mood, character, and behaviour of the sitter and himself.

Initially developing the background with unrestrained brush strokes and mark making that fits the situation. Utilising ink and acrylic mediums on canvas to establish the context he then builds up the layers of colour, line and tonal contrast, adding and erasing until the spirit is established. Only then can the model be successfully amalgamated into the theme in its entirety. Despite the multi-layered ground, the objective is to minimise the detail and infuse the model into one expressive composition.

Medium: Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
Size: 110cm (h) x 80cm (w)
Region: South West

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