In The Balance

“Animals, nature, emotion and connection. These are the things that drive my art. My work is about the emotional life of animals and their place in the ecosystem. When I look at the Australian ‘landscape’ I not only see its geological beauty but I also see the symbiotic relationship with our unique wildlife. The dingo holds a significant place in the ecosystem. When they don’t have their social structure disrupted by poison baiting, trapping and shooting only the apex female breeds, once a year at the most. These family groups have strictly defined ranges, and they kill or chase off other wild dogs or dingoes that intrude. They also keep kangaroos down to very low numbers, which is a huge benefit in regards to pasture growth for graziers. The dingoes also limit feral pig, cat and fox numbers which in turn benefit biodiversity conservation and soil condition.”

Medium: Paper mache and handprinted rice paper collage
Size: 60cm (h) x 130cm (w) x 30cm (d)
Region: South West

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