Ian Mutch


Ian Mutch continues to explore characters and narrative, and our relationship with the natural world. “Inlet” evokes joy and reminds us all of the importance play, to renew our thinking and to nurture creativity. The artwork also highlights the vastness and fragility of the landscape and the natural environment.

“The stories go that our land was carved by the gods. Really, it was scratched out by their kids. A sandpit to play in. A paddle pool to splash in. What they created was beautiful. Swirling rivers dug with sticks, sweeping mountains that were their fortresses, rainforests teeming with tiny playthings. We have the god children to thank for that past. Just as we have our own to thank for the future. Never underestimate what some innocent play can create.”

Medium: Digital Illustration on aerial photographic print
Size: 54cm (h) x 44cm (w) 
Region: South West

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