Jessica Begg

Yued Boodja

Audio Description

Yued refers to the Noongar language located north of Perth Western Australia. I like to paint our traditional homelands heavily focusing on the landscape because it is very special to me, the town of Moora particularly, located 170km north east of perth is where my great nana and pop called home and generations were raised here and is where I am raising my children also. It means so much to be able to paint from country where your inheritance lies, your spirit is connected, where you’ve been born, where you have lived. I draw inspiration from the very rough and rugged spinifex, the heat in the summer, the Moore river and the meeting places in between, these connections, which allows me to use traditional shapes and symbols and use an unrestricted palette to develop a modern contemporary interpretation of our traditional culture.

Region: Region, WA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 102cm (h) x 76cm (w) 
Price: $3,500.00