Karren MacClure


Audio Description
Through a fluid process of hand-building and experimentation, Pilbara based ceramicist Karren MacClure builds sculptures that explore her memories of, and experiences with horses.
By combining textural Raku clay, with distinctive colour techniques that include a touch of the Pilbara’s orange and blue, Karren fuses her recollections with her imagination to create new ways for the viewer to experience the horse.
In this piece Karren presents two expressive sculptural forms, each reflecting its own unique shade of strength and beauty, but also presented in a way that shows them as intrinsically linked together as one. This added layer of complexity to the scene changes the emotional response of the viewer dependent on their own personal definition of ‘together’. For the artist it triggers good memories of unity, family, love and friendship and leaves her smiling.

Region: Pilbara, WA
Medium: Ceramics
Size: 34cm (h) x 53cm (w) x 12cm (d)
Price: $1,400.00