Betty Bundamurra

Kira Kiro Spirits and My Ancestors

The Wandjina is the ancestral creator; the rainmaker and creator of cyclones and great floods, the protector of sacred sites and law grounds. The Kira Kiro figures are the helpers of the Wandjina ensuring people follow the law. Unlike the typical depiction of these figures by her peers, Bundamurra’s spirits are multifarious, sometimes enlarged, exaggerated, with their limbs elongated and poetically distorted. They gather together, curiously poised and exquisitely painted with spirited imagination. Bundamurra describes these spirits as creatures who float off the ground and have “little witches feet.” They live in her thoughts, come alive in her paintings and bring charm and humour to her stories.

Medium: Natural pigment on canvas
Size: 80cm x 140 cm
Region: Kimberley, Waringarri Arts