Karren MacClure

Liquid Twilight

Artwork description: This ceramic piece of a stylized Horse with a round base? At the top the head of a horse and opposite a tail that flows halfway down. The top half of the horse and tail and base are glazed in a thick navy blue with black flecks, the glaze travels down the base forming a triangle acting as legs for the horse, the negative middle triangle without glaze is raw fired ceramic. The Sculpture is made from the Raku technique, The glazed ceramic object is removed from the Kiln during the Firing process and allowed to cool quickly, keeping the pottery or ceramic piece unique in colour and pattern.

Through a fluid process of hand-building and experimentation, Pilbara based ceramicist Karren MacClure builds sculptures that explore her memories of, and experiences with horses.

Merging her knowledge of the horses’ form, movement, and nature with her interpretation of their strength, beauty, and individuality she creates these expressive sculptural forms.
Combining textural Raku clay, with distinctive colour techniques, Karren fuses her recollections with her imagination to create new ways for the viewer to experience the horse.

Region: Pilbara, WA
Medium: Ceramic sculpture
Size: 27cm (h) x 27cm (w)
Price: $530