Marjan Bakhtiarikish

New Hope

Audio Description

“New Hope” represents my ongoing fascination for Rembrandt’s later, mystical oil painting style. I have used this approach for “New Hope” because it is richly evocative of the human condition, emotions and pathos. The very nature of creating the painting itself was a struggle for hope in the technical and spiritual sense of the word: Scrapings of palette knife, pushing the bristles around, dragging, sculpting, building and re- building layers, at times removing; all in a quest to find “New Hope”. In this age of uncertainty, I believed this rough but subtle ancient language of painting could best evoke the mystical presence of hope. As an Iranian painter I also wanted the image to represent the dignity and new hope for freedom the women of Iran are pursuing against over whelming odds.

Region: Great Southern, WA
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 90cm (h) x 60cm (w) 
Price: $6,400.00