Douglas Kirsop

Morning Birdlife Kununurra

Morning Birdlife Kununurra’ is painted from a recent trip from reference sketches and photos influenced by the morning light on the wetlands and the activity of feeding birds moving on the surface of the water. My interest is particularly focused on the textural quality of the water’s surface in the foreground, made up of waterlilies and plant life which supports the illusion of the birds walking on the water. The surface of the water stretches back through the middle ground of the wetland to the further rim of indistinct trees and the backdrop of the warm light of the distant ranges.
The use of loose brushwork and also palette knife is used to depict the haphazard nature of the plant and birdlife on the water and the surfaces’ reflections. The greater part of the canvas, therefore, focuses on the water whose depth and tone in the foreground contrasts with the warmth and light of the background.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 120cm x 90cm
Region: South West