Helen Seiver

Poetice of Memory (11)

“I see these lino scraps as poetry: colourful patterns that speak to a life lived, and express a rhythmic layering, of memory, of bedrooms, and kitchens, and the ‘special” rooms of the home, of celebration and family time with relatives. However, I also see in the reverse side of those colourful patterns, a poetic rhythm of the Pilbara landscape, the site of tremendous upheaval and grief of family tragedy. Using both the colourful positive as well as the underneath, the hidden side of the lino scraps, I express the need to patch and mend, to heal the wound and the land.

– Helen Seiver

Region: Southwest, WA
Medium: Found lino flooring on board
Size: 120cm (h) x 90cm (w)
Price: $3,000