Talitha Sprigg

Portrait of a Mining Town

“I reside in Leonora, a small mining town in the Northern Goldfields.

Over the decades, vast expanses of land have been cleared for the gold mining industry and the settlements which have grown up around them.

A number of years ago, the decision was made to line the streets of Leonora with flowering gums. These, now mature trees, never cease to capture my attention with their gnarly, twisted trucks, thick, leathery leaves and striking blossoms.

This work hints at the question of what is of greater value. Is it the gold which is pulled from under the ground or is it the gold that lies above it?”

Medium: Watercolour, gold leaf and eucalyptus leaf on cotton paper

Size: 90cm (h) x 90cm (w) 
Region: Goldfields-Esperance

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