Richard Bloomer

Two Little Sisters

In classic East Kimberly style, emerging artist Richard Bloomer depicts the journey of two sisters, a dreaming story from his father’s country, Woombanji, close to Pine Creek in the Northern Territory. This work is pared back to the bones of the earth, key iconography; telling the tale of two sisters and their husband, who made their way around Woombanji country. As they headed to Gimoorl, a cave near the Fitzmaurice River, they were followed by a small bat. While the women were sleeping, the bat speared their husband and they both fled to this spot near the river. Here the sisters sat down, forming two hills, and remain there today.

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Region: Kimberley, WA
Medium: Natural ochre and pigments on canvas,
Size: 80cm (h) x 100cm (w) 
Price: $1,200.00