Ruby Djikarra Alderton

Miyapunu guya ga Yathiny (Turtles, Fish, Jellyfish)

In the short 3 months I have been a part of this amazing space it has made me feel incredibly safe and confident within myself again.
This artwork in particular is the first major work I have created since losing my mother. I thought a lot about mum while painting this. Mum loved to put touches of metallic colours in her prints and I ended up with the same obsession. She would say things like “I want to create the sun light dancing off the surface of the water”, or “the way fish shimmer underwater”. Whenever either mum or I would be working on something we always send progress photos to each other.
One thing my mother always reminded me was that our loved ones will always be there to guide us. You just have to ask them. Painting again is helping me heal a little bit more every day and I know that in my heart mum is guiding me on my journey.
Audio Description

Region: Pilbara, WA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 76cm (h) x 152.5cm (w) 
Price: $6,241.67