Selena Brown


I’m born in Port Hedland. I was a twin sister, Clara. Me and Clara did our school at Marble Bar. When we finish Mum and Dad pick us up and take us to Callawa. We yandy for gold in Dad’s country. Since we come back we went to Nine Mile and we stay out there and then to Strelley. We stayed there for school. I got married in Warralong. I got five kids. Lisa. Anthony. Renee. Marisha. Jason. Now I live in South Hedland. I was driving the train from Callawa, my old man Ginger Bob’s Country, to Dixie. I was painting in Strelley long time. Sewing. Making Dish. But I forgot the sewing now. I like paint all the time. We was painting a lot at Warralong.

Audio Description

Region: Pilbara, WA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 76cm (h) x 51cm (w)
Price: $1,433.33