Gloria Ann Lockyer

The Message II

“My passion for art started with love for fashion design and pottery. The ability to create fashion from an image inside my mind was both challenging and exciting.

Later moving towards lino printing designs onto Fabrics.

Not willing to let of creative energies, began outsider art type works. Started using acrylics and mixed media onto paper and canvas. falling in love with the idea of capturing the human expressions of the eyes became challenged to achieve this in a long line of portraiture works.

Eventually picking up a brush and dabbling in oils, could not stop. It is simply playing with colour that invigorates my soul. Nothing gives me greater joy than expressing with bright chromatic paint a vibrancy of colours onto paper, fabrics, canvas or wood.”

Medium: Mixed media
Size: 42cm (h) x 35cm (w)
Region: Pilbara

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