Natalie McCarthy


“This group of landscape studies are observational responses but also an endeavour to discover a sense of place. Having relocated to Twin Brooks Olive Farm recently which is situated on Yuad Noongar Boodjar and on the Moore River catchment area. It is where two brooks meet, providing inspiration for the property’s name and the artwork title. The paintings are earnest attempts to discover and understand a new location and connection to the land, my new home. Painted plein air in different locations mostly at the dusk and dawn hour or early morning when the light is transient and colours accentuated. Being situated at the end of the plateau that follows south beyond Perth, the property provided endless variation and high view points. In these works I have visualised the lines in the landscape created by the olive groves, the remnants of bushland left on the outskirts and dotted throughout and the remains of wheat and sheep farming and a bush fire that threatened the property.

– Natalie McCarthy

Region: Wheatbelt, WA
Medium: Watercolour and gouache on paper
Size: 122cm (h) x 81cm (w)
Price: $2,750