Illyampi Victor Burton


Artwork description. Illyamp Victor Burton, Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 46cm (h) x 36cm (w). This landscape painting from the top Corn flour blue sky and clouds in white moss green, And just a little higher than the horizon line, a large orange, brown U shape rocky out crop and in the center a creamy yellow half circle of the sun shining through. Dark grey/green bush in front with hints of orange, brown branches showing through the foliage. Lighter straw yellow and green in the foreground, light blue in the centre just up from the bottom of the canvas a watering hole. (Jigalong WA?) Two trees either side of the watering hole, with red brown trunks, the left tree light to dark olive green colours for the leaves. The right tree the leaves are in dark olive green to grey. Undergrowth At the base of each tree is dark olive green/ grey. (The painting technique like a Cézanne painting, using colour for the variations in the landscape in form colour and tone. The paint has been liberally applied.)

Region: Spinifex Hill Studio, Pilbara WA
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 40.5cm (h) x 40.5cm (w)
Price: $527