Harry Mills


Artwork description: This Landscape painting shows an outback scene, from the bottom of the canvas to the horizon line at the middle the ground is red earth ochre colours with black lines and marks suggesting broken branches around a watering hole in light blue and rocks inside the pool just of centre. Hints of bright green merge with the land around the pond and green lines suggesting grass in and around the pool, and two trees in the same bright green and black line at the top edge of the pond. And below the pond moving out form the right to the left of the pond a black snake with a V shape tongue liking the land. Light Blue sky with two large black clouds form either side with two smaller clouds form in-between. The clouds show the brush marks making the folds of the storm clouds. The paint applied is thinly applied almost a wash as colour can still be seen through other colours.

“This painting is about the Warlu (snake) from the Yindjibarndi country.

– Harry Mills

Region: Juluwarlu Art Group, Pilbara WA
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 82cm (h) x 106cm (w)
Price: $600