Veronica Djanghara

Wandjina and the Longtime Dream People

Long time ago our people believed that the Wandjina was like a God to them. The colour of the board are like the caves. Around the Wandjina are small spirits, some are good and some are bad. If you go into a cave there are all sorts of spirit paintings, some are like small men and some are like sticks. Every time you see a painting of a Wandjina without a mouth, it’s because he was talking to the people, but no one listened to him so he turned around and closed his mouth.

The Sea Wandjina is surrounded by the bush tucker and the tools used by the old people. The bush tucker that they used to eat were the quails and their eggs, wild geese, sugar bag (wild honey), turtles, fish and goanas. Down the bottom are the bush buckets and coolamon used to carry the food. You can also see the hunting tools, spear thrower, boomerangs, fighting sticks and shields for protection. The Ugulas are in the bottom corner. They are the devil spirits and you can also see the footsteps of the Wandjina and the hands of the people. The Gwion (helpers of the Wandjina) and little people (ancestors) are also in the painting.

– Veronica Djanghara

Region: Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, Kimberley WA
Medium: Natural ochre and pigment on canvas
Size: 120cm (h) x 90cm (w)
Price: $1,320