Chameleon Grove | Lesley Meaney

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A passion for lingering and loitering around trees in both North and South of the state has played a recurring role in my Arts Practice - our Eucalypts, particularly some, centuries old, which have witnessed all that has happened both before and after European settlement. In the North, eucalypts appear to be the ‘spirits of endurance’ with their every twist, turn and agony inflicted by drought or growth-retardant winds. In the South, near my studio the trees are generally taller and straighter. However, if you look closely at any trunk anywhere a smorgasbord of visual delights awaits. If you look closely at this ‘splintered painting’ you will see that I have painted two canvases, cut one into strips of different widths and sewn each strip, one by one, onto the bigger canvas. The resulting image is intended to be reminiscent of a barcode – an optical representation of my lingering observations.

Acrylic and Thread on Canvas

64cm x 118cm x 5cm

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