DIY Key Hoodie

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Tuck your house keys, office keys or even car keys into their own secure, premium leather holder. Simply unclip the strap from the strong leather press stud when you need to use your keys, then pull them back up into their hoodie and clip the strap in place to put them tidily away.

If you're tired of your keys catching on your clothes or other belongings, the Key Hoodie will solve your problems. Its super simple design makes it an ideal first "Just Stitch It" project or gift for those starting to explore the joy of handmade quality items. The Key Hoodie makes the perfect housewarming gift for design-savvy friends.


The finished Key Hoodie measures 70mm x 100mm, plus strap.


  • 3 precision cut full-grain leather pieces, in your choice of colour,
  • Waxed linen thread,
  • High quality sewing needle,
  • Quality metal hardware, prefixed for your convenience


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