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Encaustic, 50cm in diameter

First and foremost a celebration of colour and organic shape, my work bows to the declaration of nature so present here in the North West of Australia, wildly captured on canvas with a planetary expanse of colour, throwing any centre of focus deliberately off balance in order to achieve an assimilating viewing experience. My work encompasses our high tides, full moons and our raging sun, and as we see a collective return to our natural roots, this echoes ancient ideas of connection and community. When I moved to the Kimberley several years ago I was immediately besotted with the declarations of vivid colour everywhere. I remember feeling like a guest in someone’s beautiful home, taking it all in, wondering how so much beauty could be in one place. My passion for travel and new surroundings drives the encaustic work I now make, centering itself upon the Kimberley’s natural phenomena and land, expressing what it means to share life as a guest alongside nature's magnificent scenery. As an encaustic artist, my preoccupation is with colour and form, watching the interplay between creating a striking composition and enjoying the wild process of pushing the material to its limits. This pursuit of balance on canvas nods to the notions of opposite principles in nature, a sentiment carried throughout my work. Painting on wooden boards, with beeswax and resin allows me to feel connected to materials found in nature, incapsulating the relevance of the work for me. Then there is something so elegant about using the element of fire to alter their state. It’s such a fun, wild, exhilarating way to make art. When applied with heat, the coloured wax seem to dance around the board, delving into deeper layers and surfacing with patches of mottled colour and abstract shapes. My task is to work out the force of heat needed to create the effect I’m looking for, often this means pushing the material to its absolute limits, sometimes with unsatisfactory outcomes. The beauty with encaustic is that I can add more layers and then fuse them together, leading to the build up of layers you can so often see in my pieces. Working intuitively and instinctively with organic materials comes naturally to me and proves to be an exciting process of experimentation and risk. 

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