New Zealand Gully (Home Ground Series 2) | Kim Gillespie

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In this “Home Ground” series of work I aim to describe my local landscapes using the beautiful natural clay deposits from the North Greenbushes area. These richly coloured and textured surfaces emphasise that this wonderful material came of the earth itself, it has its own beauty and does not need to be covered by glaze. I have added nothing to these clay slips, and they are partially screened to remove the larger bits of debris and leave only naturally occurring sand and grit. The colours and textures are completely natural. The vessel is made with my recycled stoneware clay blend, and is iron rich, textural and highly speckled. The slips are made from clay deposits I have found at and near my home in the south west of WA, and together they are fired to around 1280°C, the inside is glazed. In places I have used a small amount of natural red sand.

Stoneware ceramic including wild clay

28cm x 23cm x 23cm

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