Pilbara Drawing 1 | Rodney Gregory

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The works are drawn from living and travelling in the East Pilbara region of WA. Initially, in the drawing process, I deliberately avoided or minimised formal elements such as shape, tonal range and points of focus. The applications of layers of colour to produce fields were meant to evoke the landscape of the Pilbara without direct reference to particular places. Despite this, the resulting drawings themselves did evoke very specific places and occasionally specific view points, usually visible along the road between Newman and Port Hedland. Working extemporaneously, without visual references, the drawing process still does not begin with a place or view in mind, but the visual idea of a place usually will emerge. Most often this is the area of scattered boulders near the sign Obstinate Creek, Kariyarra country.

Colour pencil on paper

28cm x 39cm x 4cm

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