Poppys Pouch

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This very neat pouch is based on a farmer's wallet that has been treasured for 3 generations. The neat, spare design belies Poppy's ingenious nature. Behind two overlapping round-edged flaps sit separate pockets - one for your coins and one for your folded cash and cards. Flip the pouch over and there is a secure slip pocket for your tap and go transport card, work security pass or paywave credit care. Slip a Poppys Pouch in your pocket and you're ready to hit the road with all the basics covered.

  • 5 precision cut full-grain leather pieces, in your choice of colour
  • Matching waxed linen thread
  • Quality metal hardware (pre-fixed to leather for your convenience)
  • Quality sewing needle

  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Follow the Hammered Leatherworks video tutorial for step-by-step instructions for hand-your new Poppys Pouch.
  • No sewing machine required!
  • Stitching time around 90 minutes.


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