Slab built ceramic pot kit

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Join us for art+craft takeaway with our participate program. Local artist Caitlin Rose leads the pARTicipate video tutorial with her extensive experience in pottery. The great thing about video is you can stop, pause and rewind at any time.

This kit will enable you to make your very own pinch pot that can then be fired in the Courthouse Gallery + Studio ceramics studio. The kit includes a paper template, appx 800grams clay plus a wet chux for keeping in the moisture packaged in a air tight sandwich bag.

To complete this activity you will need a butter knife and a bowl for water. 

When you have completed your design please return your finished pot to the Gallery + Studio for firing in a plastic or carboard container with name, email and mobile phone number included. The firing process takes 6-8 week as the pots need to dry before they go in the kiln then be baked and cooled before they can be handled again.

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