The balance between human desire and natures fragility | Ruth Buckley

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This sculpture is a wood carving using fallen branches found around town after a storm, paperbark for the birds’ wings, pyrography to draw in details in the feathers and face, and black soft pastels to create a burnt effect on the wood. I formulated this sculpture to embody the skills I have slowly acquired and the thoughts that I consider and ponder over as I use a range of materials and tools to create my pieces. This sculpture reflects corrupted interaction between human and nature; how human’s desire to take and hold onto something beautiful, natural, and fragile for selfish gain, risking the balance of nature. This is becoming evident with the increase of worldwide human generated wildfires, species endangerment and climate change from human impact. This is also something consider as I create using power tools and chemicals even though I try to use recycled materials.

Wood, paperbark

37cm x 21cm x 40cm

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