Underneath | Bobbi & Skye Lockyer

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Underneath is a mesmerising artwork created by Bobbi Lockyer and Skye Lockyer that immerses viewers in the depths of the ocean. The vibrant colours and textures on the canvas evoke the beauty of a bustling coral reef, with splashes of paint and textural marks created using natural corals and sponges collected along the Port Hedland foreshore. The scene is alive with a spectrum of hues, from deep blues to bright coral tones, and the delicate jellyfish floats gracefully amidst the intricate details of the underwater world. This sensory experience transports us to a realm of cool, refreshing water, where we can almost hear the gentle swish of sea life moving through the ocean, reminding us of the hidden beauty waiting to be explored below the surface.

Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 120cm x 3cm

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