Veronica Djanghara - Wandjing and the Longtime Dream People

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The Large Wandjina (possibly Namarali, and the three Wandjina below, as Namarali is the boss of all Wandjina) is in light cream tones with shoulders and arms, big brown eyes and small brown lines all around the eyes like eye lashes. Brown line form from the eyes in a U shape nose with white nostrils, and no mouth (symbolically Wandjina spirits are not painted with a mouth as the energy would be too great), but within the large Wandjina spirit just below the shoulders and between the arm’s white dots (stars or rain) and three smaller Wandjina spirits in light creams skin tones, brown eyes and nose like the large spirit, they have a small black dot mouth.

Each of the three smaller Wandjina have different headdress motifs, the Wandjina on the far left has a strong brown out line with small boxes around the head in a halo pale cream center. (These three Wandjina could be from another coastal area)

Far right the Wandjina is pale almost white, small brown lines and white dots halo around the head.

The middle Wandjina halo is brown segmented and spaces four lines with one on the left in five lines.

Just below the three spirits four brown stick figures as if seated or squatting one figure second from the right as arms reaching up an out toward the middle Wandjina.

And just below these figures are handprints, right hand (Left and right) is white, the hands on the left are black in white outline, four water birds below the hands with baskets and hunting items including on the right two turtles two goannas and two hunting spirits bottom right9 these hunting spirits have a similar Wandjina face but with cat like ears. And just to the left of them possible Guyon Guyon figures and two boomerangs between them.

(Guyon Guyon, first people (spirits)on how to make hunting tools, sometime seen on their own or in the company of Wandjina)

On the left side just down from the left water birds’ tail, two full bodied Wandjina in white, and around them at their feet other hunter gathering items

And four long witchetty grubs. And above them in drown 9 Guyon Guyon figures with 11 white jelly fish looking spirits, follow above 12 more Guyon figures and another 8 Jellyfish like spirits with 7 other spirits, head, body and tails in white, out line in black arms and legs.

Across the very top above the large Wandjina 7 spirits that look like short white witchetty grubs’, eyes and out line in brown, brown dots in the white body.

White stars in areas around the top, and the left corner other spirit animals in white and brown outline, and animal tracks and just below them 3 other water spirit animals and below them 3 other white ghost like spirits with brown eyes and brown line down their body, 12 white footprint underneath them.

120 x 90 cm - Natural Ochre and pigment on canvas

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