In collaboration with an array of organisations we collectively determined a new identity and brand for the precinct Portside: Heart of the West End. Going forward, the town team seek to update the visual appeal of the precinct, for promotional materials including online branding, advertising, events, banners, temporary signage, posters, graphics and videos, and social media.


west end precinct activation project

Located on the doorstep of Port Hedland’s iconic port operations, the precinct is home to a range of retail, tourism, community, arts and food and beverage businesses. For many tourists and visitors, this is the first experience and point of contact in Port Hedland, and acts as the gateway to the town and wider region. 

Together with our neighbours in Hedland’s West End, The Junction Co., based from the Port Hedland CourthouseGallery+Studio is coordinating programming to activate and revitalise the surrounding precinct. We engaged urban strategists Element to facilitate a community consultation process and prepare an activation strategy for the area, incorporating actions such as naming and brand; signage and wayfinding; infrastructure upgrades and maintenance; events and programming; and marketing, promotions and partnerships.

In partnership with an energetic town team of businesses and community organisations, we are developing a common, positive narrative for the area of the West End bounded by The Esplanade, McKay Street, Richardson Street and Anderson Street, to:

· Create a positive, recognisable identity for the area, and improve community perceptions

· Encourage longer visitation to the area from a broader segment of the community

· Build a sense of community among our neighbours, and broader community

Next steps for this project include further activation opportunities such as workshops, expanded retail offerings, live music, pop-up movies, walking tours and more, a program of engagement and enhancement with our neighbours and the Hedland community.

Concept 01

Informative & Clean

The informative & clean concept focuses on a contemporary future of the Portside and leaves room for new ideas. We implement basic shapes and colors in a modern way, to create a unique Portside look. Everyone, no matter the age group or origin can relate to the look and adapt to it easily. We don’t want to limit anyone, that’s why the branding is based on geometric elements, which makes it easy to expand, no matter if online or outside around the streets and shops.

Concept 02

Maritime & Vintage

A branding that includes all your strong maritime history, the memory of sheep and pearl farming, a sea breeze, traditional patterns of indigenous art & last but not least, the feeling of warm summer nights around the Portside, surrounded by palm trees and people you love.

Concept 03

Artistic & Creative

The Portside branding displays the amazing variety Port Hedland has amongst its community and landscape, which is more than only red dust and iron ore. Our concept tells stories about the magic of high and low tides, the regeneration of regional plants, and the changes of the seasons. We want to create a comfortable and colorful place – a home for young and old. With bright regional colors, patterns and newly interpreted indigenous symbols, we connect unique traditions with a bright and vibrant future.

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