PRESS RELEASE - 01.04.2020


The Junction Co. and Courthouse Gallery+Studio team are excited to introduce, Small Ones Big Ones, a virtual exhibition featuring contemporary paintings by emerging Mangkaja Arts artists, Dorothy Forrest and Annette Lormada. The virtual gallery and accompanying exhibition opening activities will launch via The Junction Co. website on Saturday, 4 April.
With their unique approach to painting, including Mangkaja’s celebrated paintings on polycarbonate (Perspex) as well as paintings on canvas, Dorothy and Annette’s brightly coloured, playful representations of barramundi, sawfish, hunting scenes, and billabong birds capture memories inspired by life near the river. “Small Ones Big Ones is an overview of two years hard work in the studio. The result of two artists building their visual language and finding confidence with contemporary painting mediums to take us on a colourful journey about life on the Fitzroy River”, said Natalie McCarthy, Studio Coordinator of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency.
Small Ones Big Ones will be the first exhibition featured in The Junction Co.’s virtual gallery format. Executive Officer Katie Evans explains, “We originally planned to launch the virtual gallery feature as part of upcoming Jury Art
Prize, but given the impact of COVID-19, we bought forward our online innovations. “The virtual gallery feature will enable viewers to explore the gallery at their own pace, learn more about each painting, consider the real time size and proportions of the artwork and provide online purchase capabilities.
In conjunction with the opening of the Small Ones Big Ones exhibition, the community are invited to create alongside local maker Amy Morton, in a dynamic online polymer clay workshop. Taking inspiration from Dorothy and Annette bright and bold coloured paintings of river creatures’, Amy will guide viewers, to create their very own river creatures mini wall hanging using polymer clay. Exhibition curator and project coordinator Elisa Trifunoski says, “In addition to providing the Pilbara community with material kits and the polymer clay webinar, so they can feel connected and engaged with the exhibition, the Small Ones Big Ones virtual gallery enables broader Australia to learn more about life in the northwest of Australia.
The Town of Port Hedland’s Commissioner, the Hon. Fred Reibling notes, “In a time of uncertainty for the arts sector, it is exciting to see regional art gallery lead the way in transitioning into a new innovative and interactive way of operation while the Gallery building is closed to the public. All Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery+Studio has transitioned to online webinars, tutorials, and virtual galleries to ensure the community and creatives are continued to be supported during the current COVID-19 situation.
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