EXHIBITION - 26/11/2022

The 26th Parallel and Beyond

Open Borders is held in conjunction with the Creative Youth Day celebrations. Find out more here.

Open Borders: The 26th Parallel and Beyond is a project in which young contemporary artists living in the Pilbara are encouraged to create artworks to explore how living regionally has impacted the way they perceive the possibilities of their futures. 

Young artists investigate what it means to live in the Pilbara and if the youth are encouraged to dream of a future beyond the 26th Parallel. Each artist brings their unique voice to the exhibition, expressing and questioning ideas of memories and place, drawing and commenting on the roles they play in their communities. These stories include the community’s unique experiences and positions when navigating through the complicated and daunting challenges of pursuing ambitions and passions.

Open Borders is a series of 12 group exhibitions and 3 original performances held across all 9 regions of WA during 2022-23. Each event reflects the unique interests, artists and experiences of the diverse participating communities. Open Borders will bring together regional artists throughout Western Australian regions to participate in a state-wide exhibition networks that engages with their local social contexts.  Engaging with local youth groups within the Pilbara provides a starting point for artists to look at different approaches to Open Borders. 

Join us to celebrate the opening of Open Borders – The 26th Parallel and Beyond at the Creative Youth Day. 


Exhibition Opening
Saturday 26 November, 10 am

Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland

Exhibition Dates
26 November 2022 – 17 January 2023

Open Borders is held in conjunction with the Creative Youth Day celebrations. Find out more below.