EXHIBITION - 25/07/24 to 06/09/24


Exhibition 25/07 – 06/09
Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland WA 6721
FREE Entry


Step into the vibrant world of Spinifex Hill Studio as the Courthouse Gallery proudly presents the captivating exhibition of Ngurra-Wanga, Place of Belonging.

Join us in celebrating the talent and creativity of a dynamic group of emerging, early-career, and mid-career Spinifex Hill Studio artists – all women whose voices resound through their art. 

In this unique exhibition, immerse yourself in a collection of paintings that speak to the profound connection they share with their land, their heritage, and their ancestors. Through a rich tapestry of colours and themes, each artwork resonates with the spirit of belonging and celebrates the deep roots that anchor them to Country. 

From vibrant landscapes to introspective portraits, Ngurra-Wanga, Place of Belonging is a glimpse into the diverse perspectives and experiences of these talented artists. Join us as we explore the narratives woven into each brushstroke, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and connection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty and depth of Spinifex Hill Studio’s collective vision. Come, be inspired, and celebrate the power of art to transcend boundaries and unite communities. 


Find out more about the women and their artworks that make up this powerful exhibition.

Sandra Francis

“I am Sandra Francis. I have lived most of my life at Nullagine and recently moved to Hedland with my husband.”

View Sandra Francis

Beryl Ponce

“Painting about history, life, talking about myself and my parents and the past. What they taught me- bush tucker and bush medicines. I want to make a story for the young ones- the story behind. My grandkids can look at my paintings, my great grandkids. They might be carry it on in the future.”

View Beryl Ponce

Lena Willalang

“They asked me at Warralong if I wanted to come and paint and I said “yeah, I’ll give it a try”. I used to come up and down to Hedland from Warralong and then moved here (to South Hedland) in 2010. Then I started painting with the Spinifex Hill Artists in 2011 when they came and asked if I wanted to come in. I enjoy painting here.”

View Lena Willalang

Maisie Ward Nungurrayi

“Maisie paints “stories from her mother’s country – Kulkuta near Tjukurla, and Tingari one from father’s country – Junti – I can paint it. Songs, I know. I got the Song, big culture there.”

View Maisie Ward Nungurrayi

Ruby Djikarra Alderton

“I honestly couldn’t tell you when
exactly I started my own artistic journey, some of my earliest memories are being on my mother’s hip in an art studio somewhere. But my heart has always been in art. Both printmaking and painting have been a part of my life from the very beginning.”

View Ruby Djikarra Alderton

Lorna Dawson

“For me I started painting as a personal journey. I picked up a skewer (used for painting dots). It helped me get through some real bad days. I just paint with
dots. ‘I dabble in dots’ I like to say. Sometimes I paint animals, sometimes I paint Country, sometimes I paint things on Country.”

View Lorna Dawson

Kimberley McKie

“I like to paint whatever is on my mind, I now paint in a contemporary birds-eye-view style. I love art itself and the creation of art. I love seeing other people interpret it in their own way.”

View Lorna Dawson