Courthouse Gallery+Studio

In April 2019, The Junction Co. was awarded the tender to manage the Courthouse Gallery.  

To realise the our mission, The Junction Co. have reimagined the Gallery space. Alongside the main Courthouse Gallery hall, the existing retail space will be transformed into a Maker’s Space and Tech Lab where artists, crafters, photographers, and makers can work on their projects. There will be a stockroom and retail outlet, where local creatives can sell their artwork and wares. As well, The Junction Co. will host an artist in residence, and have a photography studio for small to medium photo shoots. 

Essential to The Junction Co. program of activities is providing meaningful learning opportunities for the Pilbara community.

The Junction Co. assumed management of the Courthouse Gallery + Studio on 1 July 2019. During the first two weeks of July we gave the Gallery a make-over, transforming the space into a venue all of Hedland is welcome to engage with.

The first exhibition, BLOOM, opened Friday 19 July.  

Centered on the concept of growth and renewal, BLOOM will showcase the work of seven regional artists working in various disciplines including painting, sculpture, digital media and photography. 

BLOOM highlights a new beginning for the Courthouse Gallery and invites the community to reconnect with their local arts centre.

View the complete catalogue here.

Hedland Youth Art Prize

In recognition of the youth artistic talent in Hedland, the inaugural Hedland Youth Art Prize is an opportunity for the diverse talents of young, aspiring and emerging artists aged between 0 and 20 years to showcase their artwork. The curated exhibition will open Saturday, 21st September.

Entries open 1st August – 6th September.

Complete your online application form here.

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