ONLINE - 16 MAY 2020

TEXTILES | Maker Bootcamp

Maker Bootcamp is an intensive education experience. This series of online workshops will detail the ‘slow craft’ movement methods of embroidery, appliqué and felting. The skills you acquire, in partnership with any foundational techniques you might already have, will give you a strong foundation in developing a creative enterprise.

This second edition of Maker Bootcamp Textiles will be delivered as four weekly online lessons, released 10am every Saturday mornings from May 16, giving participants a week to work on each skill. How awesome is that! Guided by video tutorials, the art+craft materials kit provides everything you need to develop these skills over time.

We understand that forming relationships is a strong reason you come to maker bootcamp, so we are keeping those conversations active in the Creative Enterprise Group on facebook to keep the camaraderie alive.

To participate in Maker Bootcamp you are going to need the Maker Bootcamp textiles kit below.

Kits can be posted to any location within the Pilbara for just $10 so don’t let distance stop you getting involved.


Delivered ONLINE

Starting Saturday 16, May – over 4 weeks

Video released 10am Saturday mornings – link provided in Creative Enterprise Facebook group, or email for details.

Creative Enterprise Group