Creative in Residence

Regional Arts Network Residency + Touring Program

North Midlands Project is proud to manage the residency program for the Network.


The Network Residency + Touring Program is an interregional multiyear program that has been adopted and activated by the Regional Arts Network.

Year one (2021) includes a series of residencies throughout 2021. The residencies are four weeks long, paid opportunities for creatives of any medium to develop new skills, advance their practice, research projects and create a co-designed work with the communities of the North Midlands in WA’s Mid West region. The co-designed works will form the start of the ‘Ebb + Flow’ collection.

Year two (2022) will see the ‘Ebb + Flow’ collection toured to each of the artists communities with a series of workshops delivered and a new co-designed work created to be added to the ‘Ebb + Flow’ collection.

In year three (2023) the works created by artists in the North Midlands and in their home communities in year two will come together and be showcased in Perth as part of a regional biennale. As part of the showcase, a series of artist talks and workshops will be undertaken by the artists.

We understand things change! Even though we would love all artists to be part of the program for all three years, we understand that this may not be possible. A creative being an artist-in-residence in 2021 doesn’t lock them into a three year commitment. Please note a different contract will be used for each phase (year) of the program.

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