EVENTS 26/03-29/05


The Junction Co. advocate and connect regional creatives with workspace, learning opportunities and networks, to uplift their endeavors and create an environment which both local community and creatives can support each other. Our on the ground team are located in Hedland and Karratha, and is made up of creative entrepreneurs, artists, strategists, graphic designers, place activators, facilitators, teachers and lovers of art and craft.

Our aim is to bring people together, to actively improve community membership and engagement, to encourage a balance of work and play, and to help strengthen a sense of identity that is recognisably ‘Pilbara’.

The Pilbara Fashion Festival brings together creatives and the community, to celebrate the extensive local talents, and explore a raft of learning opportunities, fashion events and consider the overarching Festival theme of consumption + renewal.

Pilbara Fashion Festival 2021 Booklet DownloadThe Art of Everyday: Catalogue


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