The Junction Co. aim to close the gap that currently exists between creative excellence and access to industry advice by facilitating monthly touch point sessions to extend artists and makers in their business or practice.

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For the next four months of 2021, we have prepared a full program with two brilliant business facilitators, please meet Isabelle Goldfarb and Luciana Pinciara:  

Isabelle Goldfarb – Better Labs   

Passionate about leading and implementing projects that empower people and promote change, Isabelle has over 10 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Lecturer.  Currently the Innovation Product Manager at BetterLabs, she is leading the identification, incubation and commercialisation of new products and services to pioneer a sustainable future for RAC and other start ups.  


Luciana Pinciara – ID Booster  

Luciana is the leader of the ID Boosters crew. She was born to boost people’s potential. That is why she is applying 15+ years of experience helping small and big brands position themselves into the digital world to help you grow your business.  


Below, the information about the Elevate Workshops themes and dates: 


Thursday, 1 July | 6:30pm – The Content Booster

Luciana Pinciara- ID Booster  

This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to transform one piece of content into multiple pieces of content to save time and boost engagement across multiple channels. Also tap into editorial line, pillar content and the three types of content: created, curated and co-created.  


Thursday, 5 August | 6:30pm – Marketing Goals with Campaign Strategies : How to have the Clarity about your Target Audience  

Luciana Pinciara – ID Booster  

Hands-on workshop to learn how to apply the three main marketing goals, brand awareness, engagement and sales, when planning your content, partnerships, and campaigns. This 2-hours workshop will give attendees the opportunity to draft three social media (not paid) types of campaigns that can be further used on their own businesses.  


Thursday 2 September | 6:30pm – Pricing Your Business   

Isabelle Goldfarb – Better Labs  

Consider how to value and price your products, including your business and your time, creating a quick and simple profitability analysis. Learn how to understand  the main financial assumptions.  


Thursday, 7 October | 6:30pm – Creative Enterprise Case Study  

The Junction Co. 

Join The Junction Co. team as they detail the branding, audience and development of Portside Soap, and outline the highs and lows of starting a social enterprise. 

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