Maddie Sharrock

Back in the Pilbara ed.1/3

“I predominantly produce sculptural artworks that explore coloured cement as a medium. I use cement for its raw and unpretentious honesty. During production I layer each colour to create organic striations inspired by the Australian landscapes. I love the material and the simplicity of the process wherein the fewest elements are used to create maximum effect. Here I have simply enlarged a detail from one of my slates. Using a Macro lens and taking multiple cross section photos the image is excruciatingly detailed; every fibre and imperfection is captured and enlarged.

The work explores colour, pattern and texture, inspired by the Pilbara. While producing the piece, it was my intention to emulate the outback’s natural beauties, referencing aerial views and cross sections of earth – red dirt, pink rocks and dried river banks.

I was inspired to make this work when I recently returned to the Pilbara and after 5 cold months in Melbourne. Over the 1 week drive across the Nullarbor, through.”

Medium: Print on Archival Paper
Size: 83.7cm (h) x 90cm (w)
Region: Pilbara

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