Zabia Chmielewki

King Single – what is real – wtf

“In making this work, I was influenced by time spent with my mother who is nearly 90. She still does her washing once a week – for the exercise !

Its also influenced to some extent by needlepoint work that my English grandmother used to do – she loved gardens.

‘King single’ – refers to the sheet, and the what is real?….doing digital works – I always question the value, the materials I work with and why its not done ‘by hand’.

The picture is a construct, a construction of various elements, so it was easy to make it an easy read, ‘a garden’; a very kitschy suburban garden that is sadly disappearing by new developments and apartment living. Its taken me a while to warm to this work, its off balance, its cruddy, and clumsy and not polished or nicely worked over. I’m impatient and don’t spend much ( if any ) time to redo, keeping to the spontaneity of the work.

The ‘technique’ if I can call it that is a super low tech – drawing in Microsoft word and using the fill function to get patterns.

I cant analyse the content too much – subconsciously am I the king single. ? White middle class, fenced in – that’s when it gets too close for me to articulate – and is handed over to the viewer, the audience to interpret.”

Medium: Digital drawing on paper
Size: 60cm (h) x 84cm (w) 
Region: Pilbara

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