Paula Wiegmink

Magpie Manoeuvres

“Always surprised by how smaller birds manage to not only attack but successfully fend off larger birds of prey was the inspiration for ‘Magpie manoeuvres.’

The behaviour of ‘mobbing’ is a term used when smaller birds fend off larger birds protecting their nests and environment. Speed enables these birds to successfully fend off hostile predators. They usually attack the bigger birds from behind or above to avoid the larger birds talons. This only goes to show that being small is not necessary a limitation.

Magpies are notorious for swooping on humans, no doubt an effective deterrent in protecting their young, not unlike human behaviour.

Nature and wildlife constantly inspire me. I enjoy researching and learning more about the animal or birds behaviour patterns and environment. With this knowledge I hope to create a painting with feeling and movement which accurately portrays my subject in a realistic form.”

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 125cm (h) x 94cm (w)
Region: South West

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